My Journal



The Real Champions

  1. They don’t rely on referees to help them win big games: Hummels was not offside (he was on the line with the last FCB defender while the ball was previously deflected by another FCB defender to him); the 65th minute was a clear cut penalty kick situation for Piszczek; Martinez should have been sent off from the first half of the game; Lahm should have also received a yellow card in the first minutes of game and Kroos, as the game progressed, a second one; the second goal started from an unrewarded fault position for BVB, etc.
  2. They breed competitive teams from within and don’t buy players from footballer shops just to destroy the opposition (in mid-season like in the case of Gotze; Lewandowski, I agree, is a different story). Anyway, congratulations for that RB debutant, Hojbjerg; he played really well.
  3. They don’t count on Adidas et alia shareholders to smooth their grip on trophies while such companies are in obvious conflict of interests with Bundesliga, UEFA, FIFA.
  4. They don’t lose 0-4 at home to the true and Real champions and claim that they have a brilliant red machine / perfect season…
  5. They have Real fans and not a Library-like auditorium… especially when games don’t play your way…
  6. They don’t imitate style of play or initials belonging to others: FCB is only one and is not you. Sorry!
  7. They don’t pretend to be fair competitors and role models when their club president is been jailed for fraud.

See you in the Champions next year!

George Angliţoiu